Who am I?

I'm an intermediate computer systems engineer with experience in Java deveopment,systems administration, network engineering, and penetration testing. I specialize in Linux systems, but I have experience across the board with all systems, including Windows and Mac OS X. I've done work with professional, personal, and even educational environments. 

 What can I do?

I can do all sorts of awesome things! Take a look:

  • Design networks, and implement them in a work or personal environment
  • Rebuild and maintain undocumented or poorly documented systems by using standard troubleshooting methods
  • Run penetration and security tests on networks for basic exploits
  • Write production-grade Java code quickly and efficiently
  • Create application test suites to ensure bug-free experiences
  • Write extremely verbose documentation to faciliate a better experience for all developers.

 My Skillset

  • Maintain and repair Linux, Mac, and Windows systems, networks, and servers.
  • Work with end-users and other employees to provide efficient, fast, and reliable service.
  • Detect and solve network problems, such as high latency or IP conflicts.
  • Detect and isolate network threats like viruses or malicious activity.
  • Use remote support and diagnostic software on most platforms.
  • Diagnose and repair both hardware and software problems.
  • Experienced in: Bash Shell
  • Proficient in: Java, PHP, R, SQL
  • Learning: C/C++, Objectiv-C
  • Design and maintain Linux-based firewalls, proxies, and filters (like iptables, Squid, and pfSense)
  • Design and maintain hardware-based security protocols, like BIOS lockouts, integrated two-factor authentication, biometric systems, smartcards (X.509 or PGP), in addition to other pre-existing security measures.
  • Implement and maintain methods to protect sensitive data, such as TrueCrypt and other encryption methods.
  • Implement and maintain certificate-based trust systems (such as X.509 and SSL/TLS).
  • Quarantine and examine malware, and attempt to patch the vulnerabilities that it used to exploit the system.
  • Use third-party software (like Kali Linux) to analyze systems for security threats.


Cuesta College: Aug 2014 - Dec 2016

Major: Mathematics

Transfers pending.

 Where I've Worked

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Employer Job Title Start Date End Date
CallFire, Inc. Software Engineer February 2017 Present details
  • Write production-grade Java code for both back- and front-end, and maintain test suites.
  • Manage and oversee developer environment operation.
  • Spearhead security rennovations for both internal and end-user applications.
  • Act as engineering point-of-contact for fraudulent user detection and prevention.
  • Maintain and write Python code for automating complex tasks.
Cal Poly Athletics Statistician and Video Analyst February 2011 December 2016 details
  • Provide non-administrative technical support to coaching staff as needed.
  • Use proprietary video systems to record and analyze videos for coaching purposes.
  • Decompile and apply real-time software patches to video analytics software.
  • Train players to use video analytics software and repair and maintain video systems.
Cayucos School District Systems Administrator August 2011 June 2014 details
  • Redesigned network infrastructure to simplify further upgrades and maintenance.
  • Documented the internals of new network infrastructure for future staff.
  • Deployed and maintained numerous intranet servers to aid school staff.
  • Deployed and maintained new database servers for student records.
  • Built underlying server infrastructure for future LDAP installation.
  • Performed various duties for staff as requested/assigned.
Mission College Prep Pentester August 2012 June 2014 details
  • Found and reported security vulnerabilities in web content filter, firewall, and LDAP installation.
  • Implemented support ticket system for systems administrator.
  • Assisted with support and maintenance tasks as prescribed by IT staff.
McCompetitive Systems Administrator June 2015 March 2016 details
  • Designed and maintained the infrastructure for both the web and game servers.
  • Monitored network for security threats, and isolated and patch any detected problems.
  • Designed server redundancy methods to ensure 100% uptime of critical infrastructure.
  • Managed MongoDB and Redis installations to manage data storage for users.
  • Designed the server network infrastructure to allow load balancing and application stability.
Central Coast State Parks Association Systems Administrator February 2016 April 2016 details
  • Installed and maintained a MySQL server for customer data.
  • Compared point-of-sale solutions for the company store.
  • Installed and maintained the final decided point-of-sale solution.
  • Used employee feedback to make changes to the database server, and the point-of-sale.
  • Assisted employees with technical issues with company resources.
  • Repaired exhibits and operated as assistant tech support to partner museum.